Monday, September 08, 2014

Oil burners

“Drivers of most pre-2015 diesel cars will have to pay a pollution charge of £10 a day to enter central London from 2020 under plans designed to reduce deaths and illnesses linked to emissions. Other British cities including Bristol, Birmingham and Leicester are considering similar proposals in order to meet European air quality targets, and ministers are under pressure to increase taxes on diesel. Only petrol cars registered before 2006 will be affected.

It will add to the cost of motoring for many drivers — about half of all new cars sold are diesel models — at a time when the cost advantages of running diesel cars are being eroded by new efficient petrol engines and hybrids.

“It will reinforce the idea that diesel cars are for long journeys, not for going into cities every day.””

£10 pollution charge set to spell end of diesel discount

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