Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cult of Diet

“OUTSIDE: What led you to write Diet Cults?

FITZGERALD: Mainstream science is on one side, saying there’s no single ideal diet for humans. But all around us, popular diets are claiming that they are the healthiest diet for all. It’s a fundamental contradiction. My gut instinct was that it was not rational to say any one diet is the best way to eat. I wanted to offer an alternative.

OUTSIDE: A number of athletes have tried low-carb approaches in recent years. Is this diet cult effective?

FITZGERALD: If there’s any nutrient an athlete should go out of their way for, it’s carbohydrates. We know athletes in heavy training on high-carb diets are better able to absorb that training. Very few Olympic-caliber athletes mess around with this.”

Sticking It to Diets: An Interview with Matt Fitzgerald

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