Thursday, May 08, 2014

“It has become much more difficult to judge quickly and accurately, we can no longer rely on linear logic and reductionist thinking. In an era where complex problems and diverse stakeholders collide with a focus on profit, behaviour that signals dominance and superiority – arrogance – is now much less helpful. In fact it generates negative equity.

Diagnosing problems and arriving at solutions now requires a more iterative and collaborative process. Business leaders need to be driven by humility, respect and sensitivity to cultural narratives in the face of the unknown in those systems if they want to continue to create and sell robust solutions for society’s problems. They need to integrate many divergent perspectives and value propositions by engaging people with greater socio-emotional awareness and sensitivity. “Soft skills” such as diplomacy, co-creativity, patience and humility are becoming key in the evolving business landscape.”

Arrogant MBA students are products of role modelling

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