Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Shave at a Time

“Customers love being involved in the DNA of the brand they’re buying, if they love the experience they’re getting. Back in 2009, we issued the world’s first SME ‘retail’ bond (a shaving bond) which was not only designed to earn our customers interest (6%) but also to bond them closer with our company, brand, value and objectives. It allowed us to raise money (alongside more formal mechanisms) to develop and improve our offer, and has now been widely copied, from companies as diverse as luxury chocolate brands (Hotel Chocolat), the Jockey Club – even mattress manufacturers. We keep in close touch with our bond holders, via a private Facebook group, email them regularly – and they’ll be some of the first people to use and comment on our new products. Bonding, like communication, is key in business today.” via Your Better Business

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