Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Making sense of assessment

“We do not have league tables for prep schools and I am glad of that, not because I am defensive or worried that we would not come out at the top – we are broadly non-selective after all – but because so much of what we offer, and what parents appreciate, falls outside the narrow confines of a maths test result. How do you judge a shy child’s journey to being a confident public speaker? A budding artist’s growing talent? We cannot assess everything but our children will hardly suffer for that lack of assessment. Hopefully, with a partnership between school and parents fostered through open and direct communication, we can together ensure that our pupils move on to their next stage of education free from a fear of assessment but also revelling in education for its own sake. We do not want them just obsessing over the next grade but we do want parents to have a balance of knowledge and understanding of their children’s progress coupled with a level of trust in their children’s teachers’ ability to guide that progress.” via Bilton Grange Headmaster’s Blog

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