Monday, November 18, 2013

Unlock All

"Parents are busy & have too much on their plate as it is. We know our application isn’t just used to introduce kids to a second language. It’s also used to give the parent a break, a quiet car ride, or a trip to the bathroom. When concluding on an ‘Unlock All’ button we knew that this would factor into the buying decision. It’s a time saving option that buys a kids attention for a longer period of time.

The convenience of unlocking all the books at the same time and letting their child be entertained with out interruption far outweighed the possible savings of a couple dollars if all the books weren’t utilized."

How we tripled our revenue by adding one button -

The in-app purchasing on my daughter's favourite apps are at best, annoying, at worse, make me delete the game. I cannot stand this business model.

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