Friday, November 29, 2013

Unfair advantage

"WIRED: What are you looking at next?

Barton: I have a pretty full dance card, and my wife has made me promise that I won’t start anything else. But I am always looking at things. Financial services is really interesting to me. Home security and home monitoring is really interesting to me.

I am pretty intrigued by the sensor stuff and healthcare. I have a startup that is roughly in healthcare, on the edges of it. It’s called It’s also a “power to the people” play. It’s kind of TripAdvisor for cosmetic procedures. It’s become really popular. It’s serious; it’s basically women talking to other women and physicians about their hopes, fears and realities of liposuction or Botox or breast augmentation or whatever it is.

I know healthcare is going to be big. I like to play in the discretionary stuff where consumers make rational decisions because they are paying for it. But in the non-discretionary stuff I haven’t done anything because it doesn’t make any sense to me yet, but there will be something there."

"It’s the greatest way to market, pick a fight with somebody who can’t win."

The Man Who Escaped Microsoft and Took a Whole Company With Him - Wired

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