Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nutritional Nonsense

"The average Brit eats 39g of butter per week. The average Brit eats 730g of sugar per week. The average Brit eats 1,423g of flour per week (REF 4). That’s over 2 KILOGRAMS of nutritionally pointless sugar and fairly pointless flour – and we have the absurdity to demonise butter!

So now we know the following:

a) The authorities don’t know what saturated fat is. The majority of the products they call saturated fats are processed carbohydrates.

b) No one can isolate saturated fat from monounsaturated fat and/or polyunsaturated fat in the foods listed. In virtually all foods listed, no one can even isolate fat from carbohydrate and protein.

c) As I explain in this paper, the ONLY experiment that can be done to isolate fat involves swapping one oil for another. See section 7. We can swap olive oil out and sunflower oil in and change the proportions of the three real fats. We, however, also change nutrient intake – vitamins E and K. The control experiment, where we change one thing and one thing alone, cannot be done."

Why the Australian Heart Foundation won’t have evidence against saturated fat - Zoe Harcombe

On the Radio.. 'We Can't Go On Eating Like This'

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