Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm a MOOC

"I left the world of four-year, degree-granting education long ago; these days, I’m foraging through the wilds of primordial MOOCs seeking knowledge and stimulation and I’m actually getting a very good return on my investment. In a decade’s time, the collegiate world I deserted may find itself an overpriced, overbuilt, underpopulated and increasingly hollow planet collapsing under its own weight. MOOCs, on the other hand, might become a reasonably inhabitable world teeming with new life. For now, I’m happy to be an adventurous explorer, soaking up as much free education goodness as I can absorb, and basking in the glow of each Certificate of Completion I receive and can hang with pride on my computer desktop."

I'm a MOOC -

Currently enrolled in:
University of Pennsylvania
An Introduction to Financial Accounting
The University of British Columbia
Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Change Conversations
University of East Anglia
The Secret Power of Brands

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