Friday, September 09, 2011

Time for a break?

"Just as small breaks improve concentration, long breaks replenish job performance. Vacation deprivation increases mistakes and resentment at co-workers, Businessweek reported in 2007. "The impact that taking a vacation has on one's mental health is profound," said Francine Lederer, a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles specializing told ABC News. "Most people have better life perspective and are more motivated to achieve their goals after a vacation, even if it is a 24-hour time-out."
 Why Summer Vacations (and the Internet) Make You More Productive - The Atlantic
So. This year I took a week off in February to ski, a week off in May to cycle in Taiwan (missing 3 days of work due to the Golden Week bank holidays) and a week off to move house in July (which didn't feel like a rest). I'm thinking it might be time for a bit of time out.


David L. said...


Thanks for the link. I see Barack is wearing a bike helmet again ... must be election time soon, since he wore one during the last election but not 2009-10.

Sadly, I recently saw a note to the effect that Americans have the fewest average days off (national holidays + paid leave) of any developed country, and they generally do not take all their authorized leave. No wonder we are are not happy with the direction our country is heading!

This summer I took the longest break in memory, but I could never have managed it if I had not told my firm that I will leave at year-end and asked for a reduced schedule, a luxury that is not available to most people. It was great. On the other hand, the way law firms function today, what I did is not really realistic in most circumstances. ...

Jimmy Shinagawa said...

I took the last 10 days off and it was well worth it to clear the head and get some sleep etc. Tough times recently in Finance, with tougher to come I think.