Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When the underbelly roars

"The police — who, from what I saw, behaved with incredible control — can only do what their numbers allow. They rely on those who want to commit crime fearing being caught, and for the rest of us to feel empowered and stand up to would-be criminals when they get too brave."

When the underbelly roars - Spectator

A well written piece via Dave Panache and RSS feed. I am feeling somewhat better having read some of the 'community standing up to protect themselves' stories (here, here and here) too. Seems residents and the like are getting over the shell shock and saying enough is enough. I sincerely hope so. Just mind blowing to me that the desire to loot and to destroy is so strong. I have obviously lived abroad for too long in a society that has respect for itself. Oh dear England, oh dear.

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