Monday, August 29, 2011

The Personality Diet

"In a controversial new book, clinical neuroscientist Daniel Amen sayd that the key to weight loss is first to identify which type of over-eater you are. He defines five categories: compulsive overeaters, impulsive overeaters, compulsive-impulsive overeaters, sad or emotional overeaters and anxious overeaters. Amen says slimmers will otherwise waste time and energy on diet plans that will never work, simply because they are not genetically capable of sticking to them.

Compulsive eaters should eat more complex carbohydrates, which help the body produce more serotonin, improving mood. Impulsive sorts should eat foods such as chicken and oats, which raise levels of dopamine in the brain and boost concentration. Compulsive-impulsive eaters should focus on exercise, emotional types should increase their consumption of omega-3 fatty acids (to help calm the body by reducing inflammation), and anxious overeaters should avoid alcohol and caffeine and follow a diet rich in glutamine (found in lentils, broccoli and nuts)." via BigThink

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