Friday, July 08, 2011

Socially Awkward

"Rule No. 1 when launching a social network: Make everyone wait in line.

Rule No. 2 is to deliver a better service.

Google+ is a chance for social networkers to start over."

Google Makes Facebook Look Socially Awkward - WSJ

"For all the wonder and power that Google+ appears to offer, it is yet to be seen how big of a hit it will be with users. I´m betting, however, that users will indeed enjoy the new Google+ quite a bit. The stock market is definitely giving Google an initial plus. Google´s stock is up on the order of 12% since Google+ was first launched.

If Google+ does indeed take off, Twitter would appear to be in some serious trouble, and hundreds of other Silicon Valley darlings are likely to become obsolete. On the flip side, thousands of new ideas and startups will be given a new platform and partner with which to make their mark on the world.

For Facebook, the launch of Google+ is a wake up call to innovate even faster, and a mandate to treat users and their privacy better. Facebook is a nimble company, with tons of smart people and they won´t take this new threat lying down. But the threat is real, and it appears to be a powerful one. Facebook will have to scramble.

As for Google, the launch of Google+ is a shrewd move, especially for a company that has failed so poorly in the social space in the past. Google + is as much an effort to make Google´s own products better and more useful as it is an attempt to thwart the Facebook threat. As such, even if Google+ is unable to compete head on with Facebook, it is still likely to represent a big win for Google´s products and its users. I say plus to that."

Google+ is Awesome. Facebook Maimed, Twitter Mortally Wounded? - Singularity Hub

"So far, Twitter has been a case study in how a really good idea can survive the benign neglect of its originators. But eventually, with enough fumbling, even good ideas can be superseded. The latest writing on the wall: no sooner had Google unveiled the new Google+ service last week than its deal to pay Twitter to include tweets in its search service lapsed.

For now, tweets remain the intellectual currency of the digerati, and the links they carry have become a human index of the real-time web."

Second chances running out for a re-tweet- FT

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