Monday, July 25, 2011

Panda on the brink of extinction

"The other evening I went to the cinema to see Kung Fu Panda, imagining it would be a charming animated morality play about a small Fiat. The film annoyed me slightly, but not as much as the cost of the pick’n’mix.

Being an ascetic sort of bloke, I didn’t take much:­ two bananas, two pink prawns, one fondant-filled bootlace, a single liquorice allsort sandwich and one teaspoonful each of jazz discs, jelly beans and chocolate raisins. This little lot was barely visible in the corner of the Montgolfier-designed paper bag they give you, so imagine my astonishment when it came to £1.47.

I realise nothing ages me quite like complaining about the price of sweets, but flippin’ Norah – £1.47! I’d eaten the lot long before we’d reached the end of the forthcoming feature attractions. So to keep myself amused, I performed a calculation and concluded that pick’n’mix works out at about £330 a gallon.

Next to that, 97 RON looks like cracking value.

In the future of transport I can imagine petrol and pistons being used for fun, and electricity and electric motors being used for moving around.

This is the great paradox of the transport and energy debate. If I’m right, then the future of my Porsche Boxster is assured. Weirdly, it’s my Fiat Panda that will become extinct."

A Panda on the brink of extinction - James May

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