Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My Dear Friend

wrote/composed it right after the 3/11/2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami thinking about all those affected, those who perished, those who are homeless, lost their loved ones, those who went out to save Japan from the nuclear crisis, those who went out to volunteer, all those rescue teams that came together to save the survivors and clean up the terrible wreckage. They are all our dear friends. One heart one love for Japan.

3/11/2011 東北大震災、そして目を疑うほどの恐ろしい津波がおこり2万人ちかくの人々が亡くなった。あの日、普通な一日をおくっていた私は、まさかこんなことになるなんて思ってもい なかったのに。 自分は、東京で震度5ぐらいの地震で怖い思いをして帰ったものの東北では何万人との人が生と死の間で必死に戦っていた。i never thought that such a disaster will actually happen while i was alive, i could not believe it. I was so lucky enough to be removed from this horrid state being in Tokyo. But watching the news everyday, I was so upset not only at what was going on but at myself for being so absolutely powerless and useless to all these people who were struggling to survive. なんにも出来ない無力な自分に腹がたってたまらなかった。i have lived in japan pretty much all my life and to see my own country and my own people go through such devastation, it was heartbreaking.
でもそんな中、日本のみんなが立ち上がった。こんなんで負けてたまるかって叫ぶかのように、we are so much stronger than thisって。there were rescue teams from all over the world. the whole world stood in silence praying for japan. 一時の時間を無駄にすることなくいっせいに復旧作業が始まった。何千人との生存者をがれきの中から助けられ、何千人との遺体も見つかった。families were torn apart, houses were swept away. so many people remain lonely and homeless, and will have to carry their horrifying memories of this day. I will probably never get close to understanding what these people felt. I can only imagine and it still brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it.
But this I know for sure. japan is strong and I am so proud to be a part of this battle. we cannot forget our heroes who went out there and are still out their to fight for Japan. We must not forget that there are millions of people still living each day in the evacuation zones in fear and absolute despair. 忘れてはいけないと思う、日本のために立ち上がった勇者たちを。なにもかも流されてしまった人々のために愛と希望をあたえに行ったヒーローたちを。そして何よりもwe must not forget the lives that were lost. 星になってしまった彼らを決して忘れないで、彼らのためにも、もっともっと強く生きて行こう。笑顔と希望をなくさないで、感謝の気持ちをなくさないで一生懸命生きることを 忘れないで。

this song My Dear Friend is a dedication for all those affected by the Tohoku earthquake/tsunami and those who went out to make a difference, to all the friends who shed tears for this unforgettable disaster.

I hope you like it!

-Sachi Montgomery
(guitar accompaniment played by dad)

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