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“‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ is the only book about Steve recommended by the people who knew him best.””

Apple Opens Up to Praise New Book on Steve Jobs, and Criticize an Old One

Thursday, April 16, 2015


“Warm-up exercise including race-pace and sprint intervals combined with short recovery can reduce subsequent performance in a 4-min maximal test in highly trained cyclists. Thus, a reduced time at high exercise intensity, a reduced intensity in the warm-up, or an extension of the recovery period after an intense warm-up is advocated.”

Warm-Up Strategy and High-Intensity Endurance Performance in Trained Cyclists

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


“They recognize that the technical term for drones might be “UAS”, “unmanned aircraft systems,” “remotely piloted aircraft systems,” or “RPAS”, yet the agency said these terms “are replaced in the common language by the word drone and this document will accordingly use drones to speak of UAS and RPAS.””

European Drone Regulations Are About To Get Smarter And More Permissive

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Road Trip Thailand

Road Trip Thailand

Added to the Bucket List

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“The country’s savings rate, long one of the highest in the world, is now below zero. In short, Japan’s citizens are spending more than they earn. By comparison, the rate in the United States, where consumers have a reputation for living beyond their means, is on the rise, hitting 5.5 percent in January.

The reversal is stark.

At the equivalent of two and a half years of economic output, Japan’s debt load is the heaviest in the world. Yet about 90 percent of the debt is held locally, meaning that Japan is, in effect, lending to itself.

That is one reason, economists say, that Japan has avoided the kind of bond market pressure that has sent less indebted countries like Greece into crisis. Mr. Baba calculates that Japan could run short of the savings it needs to fund the debt locally by about 2020. After that, it would need to turn to foreign investors — a potentially destabilizing shift.

“Once we have to rely on foreign investors to finance the debt,” he said, “that could be the beginning of a disaster for Japan.”

Japan’s Recovery Is Complicated by a Decline in Household Savings

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Retirement Colony

“The most ironic part about this story is that shifting assets out of JGBs and into Japanese equities may actually be the best risk management play on the planet because as we’ve seen on any number of occasions lately, the BOJ has basically broken the market for government bonds by creating just about the most illiquid conditions imaginable (it turns out when you buy all of something, supply is affected) while it simultaneously intervenes to buy stocks any time the market opens lower, effectively underwriting a furious equity market rally. So to summarize, the BOJ’s move to commandeer the bond market is driving pension funds into the equity market which the BOJ is also keen on owning and in the new (para)normal, the country’s politicians are explicitly encouraging this and thanks to the fact that the bond market is broken, it might actually make some measure of sense.”

Putting Japan’s Retirement Colony At Risk——- BOJ Is Destroying The Japanese Stock And Bond Market

Monday, April 06, 2015

A Road Trip Summer

“It also means that at the current rate of record oil production, storage will be exhausted in under two months, some time in mid-May. At that point, with no more storage to buffer the record oil production, the open market dumping begins and prices of WTI will crater as every barrel will have to be sold at any clearing price, since the producers will have no other choice than to, literally, dump the oil.

In other words, a perfect storm is shaping up for oil some time in late May, early June.”

The Perfect Storm For Oil Hits In Two Months——Production Surge, Storage Full

Everything you want to know about falling oil prices

Friday, April 03, 2015

Greenland is Melting

Global warming isn’t a threat to be considered.. it happened already.. now it accelerates.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Fintech disruption

“But the real danger, he argues, relates to new entrants not just stealing market share but reducing the overall size of the financial market pie — at least if we go by how technology companies have disrupted other sectors in the past. For example, he refers to Skype’s successful 30 per cent grab of the international phone-call market. It did not take 30 per cent of the revenue with it. The technology company instead made phone calls much cheaper for customers and shrunk the revenue pool available, while still making a profit.

But this technological threat, he notes, is being ignored by banks. They’re much keener to deploy technology to facilitate cross-selling strategies rather than bringing costs down. All of which, he notes, opens the door to new entrants using technology to diminish the overall revenue pool and leave banks with large fixed costs struggling to make returns on capital.”

How to eat a banker’s lunch

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First/Last Shots

“The first shot allows a director to make a statement of purpose for the film the audience is about to see. The last shot allows for a quick summation of all that’s come before. The two can provide circularity by mirroring each other exactly, or they can suggest a film’s journey by being jarring counterpoints.”

Watch: this supercut will change how you think about first and last shots of movies

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Inter-universal Teichm├╝ller Theory

“If nobody understands a mathematical proof, does it count? Shinichi Mochizuki of Kyoto University, Japan, has tried to prove the ABC conjecture, a long-standing pure maths problem, but now says fellow mathematicians are failing to get to grips with his work.

The problem gets its name from the simple equation for adding two numbers, a + b = c, but poses deep questions about the true nature of numbers. In 2012 Mochizuki posted a 500-page paper online that claimed to solve the puzzle, but it required a dense framework of new maths dubbed “Inter-universal Teichm├╝ller Theory” that even experienced mathematicians found difficult to follow.

Mochizuki is a highly-respected mathematician and his work is taken seriously, says Minhyong Kim of the University of Oxford, but in the years since he posted the proof no one has been able to give a definitive answer on whether it is correct. “It’s a bit disappointing that no one has come out and said it’s right or wrong,” he says.”

Mathematician’s anger over his unread 500-page proof